• Complete the online form and submit your info.
  • After the Trade Offer has been accepted, you will receive an email with a list of items such as required documents.
  • After we review the documents, we will make arrangement to send you payment.  Current options are check, Apple pay, Paypal, Bank Wire or Zelle.
  • Title is either mailed to Trade-It-In or exchanged when your vehicle is being picked up by our transporter.
  • Photo of Driver’s License or State-issued ID
  • Photo of front and back of title or registration card (when available)
  • Lien Release, if there is still a loan balance
  • Other documents may also be required but we’ll email you if that is the case.

A title or registration is required for transfer of owners on licensed vehicles.  The title must be signed by the listed registered owner.  If there is a lien holder listed, we will also require the lien release. 

Yes. If your vehicle’s Trade Offer amount is higher than what you owe, you will be paid the difference, which is your equity/money.  

If you owe more than the Trade Offer amount, you will need to pay the negative amount so when the Trade Offer and your negative amount are combined, we can pay off your loan.

You are not required to make a purchase to take advantage of the trade offer.

We try to respond to all offers within one business day.  The more complete info you provide, the faster the process and reduces the need for a follow request of info.

You may email us at questions@Trade-It-In.com or call us direct at 612-413-9969